Information to be submitted to the Waste Registry

According to the Waste Ordinance, notes kept on hazardous waste must be reported to the Waste Registry. Here is information about which information that are to be submitted.

Target group

Businesses who produces hazardous waste, transports hazardous waste, receives hazardous waste in collection operations, broker or deal in hazardous waste and treats hazardous waste and other waste.

Report via e-service

All business representatives who have access to e-identification can provide information via the e-service, both for their own business but also as a proxy for another companies.

Unlike when reporting to the Waste Registry via API, it is not required that you enter into an agreement with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to use the e-service.

Report to the Waste Registry via API

Businesses that are required to take notes according to the Waste Ordinance, as well as the service and software suppliers that deliver systems to these operators, can provide information via API.

Businesses will be able to submit information to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's Waste Registry using the API – a web service that enables two different systems to exchange information with each other.

Until the guide is updated with more information, you can contact our customer service for information on how to connect to the Waste Registry's API.

Swagger, updated 2021-10-25 (zip 9 kB)

Information to submit

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