Climate Transition

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Last reviewed: ‎11‎ ‎March‎ ‎2024

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency plays a central role in the climate strategy decided by the Government and the Riksdag (Swedish parliament).

We evaluate and propose measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency regularly reports climate statistics to the Swedish Government, the EU and the UN. We contribute our expertise in international negotiations. Other important working areas include development and implementation of the EUs emissions trading system and local investments program, called the Climate Leap initiative.

The Environmental Protection Agency has produced documentation to describe and monitor the development of the Swedish efforts in order to reach the climate goals within five key areas.

  • Transports: Many roads towards a vehicle fleet independent of fossil fuels
  • Energy: A climate-neutral energy sector within reach
  • Industry: An increasingly green industrial production, much remains to be done
  • Food products: Reduced meat consumption leads to smaller climate impact
  • Forest: An invaluable resource for the climate

We also analyse the climate impact of Swedish consumption.

Keep up with the development of our long-term climate efforts (in Swedish)

The Environmental Protection Agency is making local investments for the greatest possible climate gain. The main aim of the Climate Leap initiative is to reduce the emissions that affect the climate. The Environmental Protection Agency has been commissioned, along with other central government agencies and the county administrative boards to support local climate investments.

Klimatklivet – local climate investments (in Swedish)