Caravans and motorhomes in nature

Driving off road with a caravan or motorhome is not allowed. If you choose to stay overnight at a rest stop, you can usually stay for no longer than 24 hours on weekdays and somewhat longer at weekends.

Driving off road with a caravan or motorhome is not allowed. In the legal sense, off-road terrain means almost all unpaved ground in nature. In addition to “forest and land”, off-road terrain also includes beaches, meadows, park land and lawns. The ban can be found in the Off-Road Driving Act.

The Act also applies to landowners themselves. A landowner cannot give anyone else permission to drive off road on his or her own land.

Camping in nature

There are no rules for how long you can set up your motor vehicles at the same location. When it comes to tents, the limit is considered to be a few days. A caravan or motorhome is perceived as more disruptive than a tent.

Always ask the landowner for permission before setting up your caravan or motorhome near residential buildings, even if it’s just for one night.

Staying overnight at rest stops

If you choose to stay overnight with your caravan or motorhome at a rest stop, you can usually stay for no longer than 24 hours. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, you may stay until the next business day. If other rules apply, you will see this on a supplementary notice under the parking sign (“P”) at the rest stop.

The municipality’s local traffic or police regulations might contain rules for overnight stays and setting up caravans or motorhomes at rest stops. Contact the municipality for more information.

Private roads

It is up to the owner of a private road to determine whether the operation of motorised vehicles is allowed. The owner has the right to ban motor traffic or certain types of motorised vehicles.

You can set up your motor vehicle right next to the road, but only if you do not damage the ground and do not hinder the landowner in his or her activities. In addition, you must not block or pose a danger to traffic.

Private roads are subject to the same provisions for parking as on other roads. If a landowner wants to regulate parking, this can be done through local traffic regulations.

A landowner can prohibit or permit parking under certain conditions in the Swedish act on parking fines for unauthorised parking. The landowner must put up signs with the conditions that apply.

Private roads - What are the rules?