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E-services for extended producer responsibility

Last reviewed: ‎17‎ ‎April‎ ‎2023

Companies covered by an extended producer responsibility must provide certain information to the Swedish EPA. On this page those companies can log into an e-service to submit information.

In the e-service, companies can:

  • register a company as a producer
  • submit reports
  • update information (for example, invoice or contact information) on an already registered producer
  • download a registration certificate of a registered producer
  • see previously reported data

Following list is an overview of registered producers:

Existing producers in the Swedish EPA register (xlsx)

Login to the e-service

Producers log into the e-service below to submit information to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

How to login to the e-service

Please note that for producers there are some differences between the old e-services and the new portal.

In order to check, change and upload data registered for your company, you can log in with an e-identification. When logging in, you must verify that you are authorized to act on behalf of the company you are logging in for. In the  e-service, you need to confirm that you have a power of attorney, if you are not already connected to a company.

Several people from the same company can log in to the e-service as long as they certify that they have a power of attorney from the company's signatory. No approval from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is needed for someone to have access to the e-service.

As a producer, you can log in to the e-service with one of the following e-credentials, please note that it may vary depending on which e-service you use.

  • Bank ID
  • Mobile BankID
  • Freja eID+
  • Foreign eID
  • BankID Norway


In our guidelines you find more information  regarding which information to be provided and when.

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