Environmental monitoring program areas

Both the national and the regional monitoring are divided into ten program areas, which in turn consist of several subprograms.

Several program areas focus on specific natural habitats and environments, while others have a broader character such as the Toxic substances coordination.

The Swedish EPA is responsible for eight program areas:

  • Mountains
  • Health-related environmental monitoring
  • Agricultural land
  • Landscape
  • Air
  • Toxic substances coordination
  • Forests
  • Wetlands

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management has the national responsibility for two program areas:

  • Sea & coastal areas
  • Freshwater


Each program area consists of several subprograms. The division into subprograms is meant to provide overview and make sure that the subprograms combined give a full picture of the state of the Swedish environment. The criteria for subprogram division are different for each program area.