About the website

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency strives to ensure that the website content is as accessible and useable for as many people as possible.

The aim of Swedishepa.se is to present the status of the environment in Sweden and to provide tools and support in the implementation of the Swedish environmental work.

Structure and functions on the website

You can access the website content via the four menu items: “Work areas”, “Guidance”, “Laws and regulations” and “Grants”.

You can also access the content via the search function in the top right-hand corner. 

The structure of the website is based around what is known as responsive design. This means that it works on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Changing the appearance of the website

The Agency’s website is able to adapt itself so that it works well regardless of whether you are visiting the site on your mobile, tablet or computer. It does not matter which web browser you are using either. The appearance of the website may vary depending on which browser you are using, but all the content will be accessible.

Changing the text size

If you find that the text on the pages is too small or too large, you can easily change it using your web browser’s integrated functions. You will find the option for changing the text size amongst the web browser’s menus. In most modern web browsers, you can change the text size by holding down the CTRL key and rotating the mouse wheel. This method usually works on all websites that you visit.

Shortcut commands

There are currently no shortcut commands on the Agency’s website. However, all pages contain links which are intended to make navigation via the keyboard and screen reader easier.

Web standards which the website follows

Swedishepa.se follows the latest HTML standards, currently HTML5. The website endeavours to comply with the accessibility requirements laid down in WCAG 2.0 level AA.

WCAG 2.0


The website contains links to documents in a variety of file formats. To access these documents, you will often need software in addition to your web browser.

When you download a document in PDF (Portable Document Format), you will need software which is able to read this file format. A common and free program is Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader

Fact responsibility and review

Each article page has a fact editor. The person in charge is the expert for the content on the page and ensures that it is correct and up to date. Fact-checking of the content on the website's pages takes place regularly.


Photographs and illustrations

Most photographs and illustrations on the Agency’s website are protected under the Swedish Copyright Act. It is therefore not permitted to use the images without the permission of the photographer or illustrator.

The responsibility for obtaining such permission rests with anyone who uses the images. You can contact the relevant photographer, illustrator or image agency yourself to ask for permission.

If the Agency is cited as the photographer or owner of an image, you can ask us for permission:

Send an e-mail to Publications

Information on how the Agency’s press images can be used will be given on the page on which the image appears.

Press images


Background maps are the property of the Swedish Mapping Cadastral and Land Registration Authority.

Conditions for using the Swedish Mapping Cadastral and Land Registration Authority’s maps

Open data

Open data may be used freely, but you should cite The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency as the source. In cases where data was funded by someone else, such as a county administrative board, municipality or water management association, the copyright belongs to the relevant funding provider.

Linking policy

You are welcome to create a link to Swedishepa.se, but please remember:

Not to use the Agency’s logo in order to link to our website. We wish to avoid any doubt over who is responsible for the information on the website which contains the link.

Place the link so that the Agency’s website is not placed within the frameset for another website.

You are welcome to give your views

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is working continually to improve the website. You are welcome to contact us if you have any views concerning the website.