Sectoral Guidance for Chemicals Management in the Surface treatment of metals and plastics Industry

HAZBREF-project Activity 4.1 report
Industri, detalj.

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This report is a product of the HAZBREF project “Hazardous industrial chemicals in the IED BREFs”.

This sectoral guidance contains information on uses of hazardous chemicals, the best practices in chemical management and recom[1]mendations on enhancing the permitting process in the STM sector. This document sums up the findings from HAZBREF project and is based on industrial case studies, interviews with authorities and expert judgment. The aim is to describe good practices in chemical management to be utilized by STM installations as well as environ[1]mental and chemical authorities. These include technical, organi[1]sational and management aspects and concrete tools supporting chemical management.

The report addresses the STM sector as a whole in Europe, alt[1]hough the main part of the findings is generated from HAZBREF case installation and other experiences in the Baltic Sea Region. The document provides also general descriptions of BAT proposals related to management of hazardous chemicals and substances. These findings of the guidance will feed into in the forthcoming revision of the STM BREF. They are also to be used for HELCOM recommendations on how to reduce the discharge of hazardous substances into the Baltic Sea.

Moreover, the document provides an overview of applicable legal requirements, procedures and other obligations of installa[1]tion operators regarding use of chemicals and releases of hazardous substances. This includes guidance for tools to identify and assess relevant hazardous substances used and released from the STM installations.

Janusz Krupanek et al.