Sectoral Guidance for Chemicals Management in the Chemical Industry with focus on the production of fertilisers and polymers

HAZBREF-project Activity 4.1 report
Oljetanker, Värtahamnen

Om publikationen

This report is a product of the HAZBREF project “Hazardous industrial chemicals in the IED BREFs”.

This Sector-Specific Report Provides Guidance To Key Actors At National Level (Chemical Industries And Competent Authorities) On How To Improve Chemical Management At Installation Level. In This Respect, It Takes Reference To Relevant Requirements Such As The Industrial Emission Directive (Ied) And The Sectoral Best Available Techniques Reference Documents (Brefs). The Findings Of The Guidance, Especially Concerning Bat Candidates In Chap[1]ter 5, Will Also Feed Into The Anticipated Forthcoming Revision Of The Brefs For The Chemical Industry Sectors (Lvic And Possibly Others). They Are Further Used For Helcom Recommendations On How To Reduce The Discharge Of Hazardous Substances Into The Baltic Sea.

The Document Summarises Key Findings Of Interviews And Discussions With Hazbref Experts, Representatives From Chemi[1]cal Industry And Relevant authorities as well as insights from case studies in Finland, Estonia and Sweden. In addition to that two polymer installations in Poland were selected for analysing circular economy issues.

The report focuses on prevalent practices and challenges related to the IED permitting process, with special reference to hazardous chemicals for polymer and fertilizer installations. The report also reflects findings of other Work packages under HAZBREF and refers to recommendations published under the European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmen[1]tal Law (IMPEL).