Air & Environment 2015 – Arctic

Read about how air pollutants and greenhouse gases affect the Arctic and how changes in the Arctic affect us. ISBN 978-91-620-1299-1.

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Arctic 2015

"Air & Environment Arctic 2015" follows the path taken by air pollutants to the Arctic and shows the impacts that they have on the air and climate in the Arctic and, as a result of this, also globally. Read about everything from ocean acidification to how the ozone layer and weather patterns in Sweden are affected, about the opening up of new shipping channels and increased exploitation, about the impact of air pollutants on health and the environment both in the Arctic and far away from the Arctic, and also about what is being done to improve the status of the environment.


The results of the Swedish environmental monitoring programme are needed in order to describe the status, identify changes and assess threats in the environment. The results of the systematic studies also form the basis for decisions concerning measures.

The Swedish EPA coordinates and carries out the national air monitoring programme within the national environmental monitoring programme.

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